New Asphalt Construction

A1 Asphalt Paving & Sealing, LLC holds contracts for asphalt paving services for some of the largest Developers, General Contractors and Site Contractors in the Richmond and surrounding areas. A1 provides all services necessary to complete your new construction job including parking lots, subdivision roads, etc. Our services include parking lot paving, VDOT turn lanes and right-of-way paving, milling and tie-ins. We handle installation of sub-base aggregate and fine grading for preparation of your new asphalt parking lot.

A1 Asphalt Paving & Sealing, LLC provides complete services to include all striping of parking lot lines and stencils to VDOT specifications, including thermoplastic striping and installation of all required ADA signage. We supply and install parking blocks to complete your new construction asphalt paving parking lot project.

Contact the experienced professionals at A1 Asphalt Paving & Sealing, LLC for a Proposal on your next new construction asphalt parking lot paving project.


Richmond VA Asphalt Roadway Installation